Illuminating Your Wellness Journey

Functional mushroom extracts by Teauras

Honest Mushrooms that harness the gifts

of earth.

Honoring the powers of nature’s remedies, we source organic & wildcrafted, functional mushroom extracts to weave into your everyday.

Ethically Sourced

From organic mushroom farmers & sustainable wildcrafters in the USA

Dual extraction

For retaining nature’s potence

Pure plant-based tincture

100% free from grains & fillers

The natural support your nervous system


In an age of too many pressures and too little relaxed time, nature’s still there for us to call upon—to melt our anxieties away & re-connect us to our vibrancy.

A Functional Mushroom:


Find Your Calm

In a fast-paced world where self-care seems like a distant dream, you find yourself drained, overwhelmed, and yearning for a moment of peace. But, like so many things in life, Nature has a powerful answer and at Teauras, we harness the healing power of Reishi mushrooms to help you find solace and strengthen your well-being.

Retaining nature’s


By extracting the right way.

Woman holding reishi mushroom fruiting body.

Selecting for nutrient-denseness

Making functional mushroom extracts from the fruiting bodies of mushrooms, you can give your body healing energies fed from the richness of wood, soil, and leaves

Image of reishi mushroom extract next to a latte

Purity, drawn from all its forms

Extracting mushrooms using both alcohol and water, you’ll receive nature’s full gifts for relaxation & alertness—drawing on nutrients soluble in both water & alcohol

Image of mushroom extract bottle showing potency

Smaller dose, fuller benefits

A potent 1:3 dual extraction ratio means you only need small doses to profoundly melt your stress away, with a supply that lasts you for a longer time

It’s more than a matter of caring for your


You’re someone who always feels called upon to keep doing more. And when you feel your energies lacking, it can feel like a lack of life.

Helping people to support themselves with the powers of nature that humans have long leaned on, we believe in making functional mushroom extracts available the easy, practical way that’s aligned with your values.

Purity in source—so your body is fed the best. Rigor in quality—so you receive nature’s fullest powers. And ethics of social responsibility—to support the communities that help us honor earth.

One for your home and one in your bag

Whether you’re working from home or out with kids or on the go, let a bottle of nature’s healing be with you—to restore calm to any moment you need. How to use it:


—bringing light to your wellness journey

With a name derived from “te” (Latin root for “you”), “aura” (your inner, radiant glow), and the plural for “s” (signifying our collective journey), we believe that the path to wellbeing is one we embark on together.


With the gifts of nature—the nutrients in her soil & powers in her wood. The stewardship of local farmers—who protect & cultivate the treasures of earth. And with you and us—selecting & bringing to you the very best tinctures for your empowered self-care.

Image of plumeria blossom and Teauras logo

In a world of noise, here's a quiet hug from nature.

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